Book acrobats circus acts for events
Book acrobats circus acts for events
Book acrobats circus acts for events
Book acrobats circus acts for events
Book acrobats circus acts for events


Acrobatic performances are perfect for any event space and span a range of disciplines from solo or duo hand balance shows ("adagio"), through to contortion, hand balance and walkabout or interactive performances.


Props can be added to enhance the wow factor, such as hand balance apparatus, a stunning martini glass or an artist spinning on a Cyr Wheel. Costumes can be created to suit any theme.

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Available to book as a solo, duo or trio Cyr wheel act, the trio being the only one of its kind in the world. 

This incredible spinning circus phenomenon is one of the highest circus skills and will amaze your audience with artists spinning inside the large metal ring.

Also available with LED wheel and male performer.


This sister act are UK Pole champions in the duo division. Pole acrobatic shows show a stunning display of strength and skill, while being the perfect solution to having a visually stunning Cirque de Soleil-esque show in a space without aerial rigging.


A stunning sphere of energy, reflecting light onto the faces of every spectator in the room, flooding the space with particles of shimmery shining stars...

World reknowned, this acrobatic artist and contortionist performs atop this unique mirrorball prop, providing a stunning talking point for any event.

This unique circus act combines contortion with hand balance and dance, all set atop a shimmery spinning mirrorball.


Our top acrobats will bring a performance of strength and balance to your party, causing a lasting impression on your guests! Charged with talent, grace and flexibility this act will add a mesmerising touch to your event!

All of our hand balance artists have more than one discipline so are able to perform more than one type of show for your event.


Draw your guest's attention to a focal point in the room with our stunning contortionist, who can perform in any event space, with or without her stunning LED Martini Glass prop and costumed to suit any theme.


A daredevil acrobatic artistic display worthy of the greatest circuses in the world, our Fire Foot Archery performer is the only one of her kind in the world.

Combining a contortion, acrobatic and dance based routine with hand balance and setting herself on fire while she shoots for the heart shaped target and hits the bullseye. Not to be missed!