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Heat up the party with an awe inspiring fire performance from multi talented artists who can spin, twirl, and eat fire. Our multi skilled fire artists can also double up as a meet and greet act perched high on stilts to tower over your guests in an amazing costume tailored to your event theme.

FantasyBox have created bespoke fire shows for multiple luxury clients with themes ranging from Circus to Superheroes, skills ranging from Pyrotechnics to Fire Sword spinning to Fire Breathing.

Contact Us now to enquire about creating a bespoke fire act for your event!


Our unique Foot Fire Archery act it is the only one of its kind in the world.


With four acrobatic foot archery skills - including shooting an arrow with her feet whilst in a handstand, this elegant performer will add beauty and suspense to any event. Her superb performance will steal the audience's breath as she shoots an arrow with her feet whilst setting her legs on fire!  

Contact Us to enquire now about booking our Foot Archery Act for your event!

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